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Ready to return to running but not sure how to get started? I am here to help you define your goals, make a plan that works with your life, and support you along the way,

Helping YOu Return to Running

Why get a postpartum run coach?

It should be easy, right? You ran before your pregnancy, you stayed active during pregnancy, and you have been cleared by your doctor to return to exercise. So just get out there and go and it will all come back, right?

Unfortunately it’s not always that simple. You know what running used to look like, but you have no idea how stay consistent with a training plan when you aren’t getting any sleep, are getting sick every other week, and feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention, your body likely feels different, too. Running feels different and you aren’t sure how to make it feel good again.

That is where I come in! I’m here to help you navigate the realities of being a runner and a busy parent. We will come up with a plan that fits your life, and I will be available to help you adjust that plan, as needed. I’ll also provide strength and stability exercises to help your runs feel good again and reduce the risk of injury. 

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Training Courses And/Or Certifications Related to Fitness, Running, or Prenatal/PostpartuM Wellness


Years Working in the Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness Industry


Kids of My Own and times I had to naviGate returning to exercise Postpartum


Love of Working with Postpartum Clients

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What's Included:

Online CoachIng Services

Get help returning to the sport you love

My goal as a coach is to help you return to running in a way that is safe and works with your current phase of life. I’ll provide tools and education to help you navigate returning to running alongside unexpected sick days, sleepless nights, and unpredictable stressful moments. We’ll celebrate every small victory and put our heads together when we need to adjust the plan. You’ll never feel alone on this journey.

Different people take different amounts of time to return to running. Some postpartum runners may feel “back” after 4 weeks. Other postpartum runners want 3-6 months of support. Therefore, I offer two different pricing and commitment options to support differing needs. 



The One Month Program is perfect if you are just looking for help getting started. After you complete the return-to-run self-assessment, I’ll create a plan for you and help you get started. At the end of the month, you can decide if you would like to sign up for another month or continue on your own with the tools I provided you. 

One Month Investment: $149 for one month

The Three Month Program is the more cost-effective option if you anticipate wanting additional hands-on coaching beyond the first month.

Three Month Investment: $297 for three months

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Ready to Return to Running?

E-mail me at to ask any questions and set up a complimentary consult zoom call. I look forward to chatting with you!