Prioritizing Exercise as a Busy Parent

We know exercise is good for us mentally and physically. But sometimes knowing isn’t enough to help us prioritize exercise. We may have good intentions, but we also have a million balls in the air, school/daycare germs taking out an entire household, and some sleepless nights. So when it feels like the deck is stacked against our fitness goals, we need a little extra inspiration to get back up and try, try again. 

Your Inspiration to Get Moving

Here are some of my favorite ways to be entertained, get motivated, and learn practical tips to safely get running again.

Podcast Power

Sometimes the thing holding us back is not knowing how to move forward. Dr. Carrie Pagliano and her Active Mom Podcast is a great resource for practical, evidence-based approaches to getting back to running. She shares real examples from her work as a physical therapist, so her podcasts leave you feeling well-informed and in good company.  

While less running-focused, Brianna Battle’s Practice Brave Podcast is another wonderful place to feel inspired and remember that you can do amazing things, even if your body has felt different after having kids. 

Insta Inspiration

Instagram is filled with inspiring stories of people returning to running. Try following hastags like #returntorun or #postpartumrunning, and you will see countless stories of people on a similar journey. Of course, be careful who you follow. You want people who motivate you, not people who make you feel guilty or like you aren’t good enough. That is just not productive.

Here are a few accounts I follow: @Milesthroughmotherhood, @ncrunnerjacky, @sassyfitgirl, @adriannehaslet, and @beingcate. These accounts range from “everyday” moms with a contagious love of running, to amazing stories of running after life-changing events, to running pros returning to running postpartum.


Facebook (Virtual) Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people with similar goals. Similar to Instagram, make sure you stick with groups that fill your cup. This should be a place where you feel safe sharing your goals, trust the information people are sharing, and it should not be a source of stress.

Here are a few groups I love: Haumea Hustlers (a little biased because I help admin this group), #hardCORE on the floor (strength training/peloton-related), and Trail and Ultra Running *Ladies Only*

What inspires you?

I hope you’ll give these a try and report back. Did you feel inspired? Is there something else that helps inspire you to lace up your shoes? Leave a comment and let us know!